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Speeds Builds, Energy Efficient, Safe, Healthy, and Environmentally Friendly

The ThermaSteel system has been used to build hotels and mult-family buildings around the world. The benefits of choosing ThermaSteel are many. ThermaSteel projects assemble and dry-in in record time, often threee to four times faster than conventional. While this is a major benefit of building with ThermaSteel, it’s only one of many. It’s been estimated that between 40 and 60% of a hotel’s energy cost are for electricity, with the largest share of this going to heating and cooling. Maximizing energy efficiency begins with ThermaSteel xPanels with R-Value from R-35 to R-47. But energy efficiency is only one benefit. Learn more about ThermaSteel’s incredible xPanel construction.
The use of ThermaSteel xPanels in hotel envelope construction can reduce building cycle time by up to 75%. What is the effect and cost savings of enclosing a project in half the normal time?
 – 4 in 1 System means xPanel eliminates the need for Structure, Sheathing, Insulation, and Vapor barrier. When the panel is up, the wall is done.
 – Completing a project six to eight weeks ahead of schedule?
 – ThermaSteel xPanels are engineered to assemble quickly and securely, connecting together via tongue and groove and floor and top track.
 – ThermaSteel Wall xPanels arrive ready to assemble with rough openings for windows, doors, and PTAC unit sleeves pre-fabricated into the panels.
 – True Structural System – Lowers cost by eliminating the need for other structural members.
 – Up to eight stories with no additional structure

ThermaSteel xPanels deliver higher R-Value, from R-35 to R-47. the highest energy efficiency, while cutting building cycle times. With 70,000 projects completed in over 28 countries world-wide, ThermaSteel delivers incredible value, during and after the build. 
 – Lower mechanical costs
 – Lower maintenance costs

ThermaSteel xPanels are incredibly strong, ressisting high wind loads and seismic loads.
 – No off-gassing
 – No allergens
 – Tested to 215mph wind
 – High Seismic resistance
 – Fire resistant and provides no fuel for fire

 – 20% of the steel in ThermaSteel xPanels come from recycled sources.
 – 100% of the every xPanel is recyclable.
 – ThermaSteel xPanels have an extremely long, multi-generational life cycle, with no performance degradation.
 – ThermaSteel xPanels save two hundred times more energy than they consume to manufacture (based on a 20yr lifecycle).

/ThermaSteel Roanoke Laquinta

CASE STUDY, LaQuinta, Radford, VA

 – 18,000 Square feet (Two floors) 
 – 58 rooms with PTAC units
 – Average annual temperature 55 degrees
 – Average Monthly Energy/Electric – $3,000 (Includes HVAC, laundry, and all interior and exterior lighting and electrical systems)
 – Total estimated energy savings over conventional stick framing: $650/mo.

 – Balancing Hotel Energy Use and Guest Comfort
 – PTAC Buyers Guide
 – Understanding R and U Values
 – Hotel Utility Costs

 – Concrete Masonary Unit (CMU)
 – Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)
 – Composite Structure Insulated Panel (CSIP)
 – Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)
 – Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)

Description5.5″ Panel
Thermal Resistance (R Value)R-36
Energy Code IECC, ASHRAE Standard 90.1Zones 1-7
STC Rating (see fig 1)57
Product ComplianceIAPMO-ES128
1 hour fire rating, load bearing*18Ga – 3,850lbs
2 hour fire rating, non-load bearing18Ga, Yes
Axial distributed load -LRFD14,059 plf
Toxicity (American Lung Association)None
Flame Spread5+
Self Ignition Temperature470c (878f)
Smoke Development55-175
Weight1.8 sqft
Expanded Polystyrene (closed cell)Flame retardent grade
Dew Poiunt (ASTM C-72)0.5-0.3
Permeability (ASTM C-355)1.0-2.0/in
ThermaSteel STC Rated Assemblies